Our Client

3Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We understand your business to ensure the success of not only our own but our clients’ operations. Your satisfaction is our conviction. We measure the success by regularly assessing our customer’s satisfaction.

Metrics are an integral part of every successful program, and metrics are provided to our customers at regular, defined intervals. Metrics vary according to specific customer’s requirements, but generally include On-time Delivery Performance, Order Fullfilment Accuracy, Inventory Management Accuracy, Billing Accuracy and other variables that impact customer success. Productivity and Cost Accounting by Customer is also vital in making sure that our Distribution is managing and operating systems efficiently.

To further ensure Total Customer Satisfaction and Quality Management, all our Team Members strictly adhere to our quality policy and mission statement, which states that:

We will :

  • Thoroughly understand the needs and requirements of all our customers.
  • Consistently provide services that meet or exceed our customers’ needs and requirements.
  • Continue to look for new process improvements in all that we do.
  • Contribute to providing a safe, rewarding, and supportive work environment.
  • Perform each of our functions with a “Do It Right the First Time” performance standard and “Can Do” attitude.
  • Strictly adhere to professional ethics, acting with the highest integrity and honesty in all our relationships.

Our Clients