Company Profile

company_profile_imgSimone Shipping & Logistics Pvt Ltd a fast growing supply chain firm especially formed to fill the gap in the supply chain requirements. With our highly experienced, skilled & knowledgeable team always stands behind our commitment to the highest levels of customer service. Simone Shipping has uniquely positioned itself to become me a leading service provider in the region.

We provide end-to-end supply chain service in procurement, shipping, customs brokerage, warehousing, sales, distributions, transport, E-commerce and asset management. We strongly believe that success in supply chain integration comes down to excellent planning and effective execution. With Simone Shipping as your partner, we guarantee success and assure you of substantial contribution to your firm’s accomplishments.

We treat clients as our highest priority. Our services and solutions are driven for their ultimate benefit. Delivering meaningful, measurable added-value to our customers is an integral part of our culture. With our innovative solutions, we can help you to plan for business strategies, improve customer service, accelerate order cycle times, and tightened control of the supply chain.

flaticon-goalOur Goals

  • To provide the fastest and safest shipment packing, shipping methods, and customs clearance services in the Region.
  • To build the most efficient distribution database, methods, and systems.
  • To provide a complete and economic transportation solution to clients – individuals, companies, or government institutions.
  • To generate a complete supply chain services for all the needs of our target market.
  • To create the reputation and capability of taking first option when getting any new brand to the market.
  • To hire, maintain, motivate, develop and take care of talented, passionate, and loyal Team Members and their families.
  • To maintain reasonable profitability to support growth and shareholders’ expectations.

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Team Work

Motivation and positive spirit drives a team. With the sweat dripping from their chins and the strength of their shoulders they try their maximum together to get beyond the unexpected. An efficient functioning of a team is only seen when every member strives hard with every inch of idea they come up with and how they work together to achieve it to the profit of the entire team.

Quality Assurance

The prevailing competition in our industry makes it necessary for us to deliver high performance and commendable quality to our clients’. Our experts deal with each and every product, which can amplify our quality and render even better services like never before.

Our team knows the specific requirements of our clients’ and always assure that the service is at its best. Quality is our prime aim and this has always helped us achieve client’s satisfaction and earn goodwill.


Simone Packers and Movers looks forward to set a benchmark in packing & moving services for others to follow. We understand that improvement is continual and that it must go on irrespective to situational demands.

About Us

The world of moving and relocation services is continually changing. It is becoming increasingly global in its design and organisation and increasingly localised in every stage of its implementation.

At the same time SIMONE remains committed and true to our long-standing values. Our support since 2015 in partnership with the Simone Shipping & Logistics Pvt Ltd, we also launched the “one move = one tree planted” project which is a further step towards sustainable development in which you are a partner.